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# Article Title Author Hits
1 MRCI - Refund Calculations Mary Hatfield 5
2 MRCI & Liquidity Mary Hatfield 47
3 From Our Editor (Jerry Toepke) - Trade Selection Process... Mary Hatfield 233
4 Trading on Shorter Time Frames? Melissa Moore 2796
5 VIX Research Melissa Moore 3920
6 What is a Red & Green contract? Melissa Moore 6086
7 What types of traders use MRCI? Melissa Moore 4537
8 What happens if LT is within suggested trading days? Melissa Moore 4139
9 Market Timing Brendan Hobbs 4477
10 Can you modify MRCI Strategies With A Nearer Term Contract &/or Mini Contracts? Melissa Moore 3914
11 Seasonality vs. News Brendan Hobbs 4374
12 Pit vs. Electronic Brendan Hobbs 4819
13 MRCI ONLINE contains.... Melissa Moore 5524
14 Too many customers & liquidity Melissa Moore 4325
15 MRCI Discounts? Melissa Moore 8348
16 Fundamental Analysis? Brendan Hobbs 4455
17 WSC & MRCI Online Subscription Details Brendan Hobbs 5460
18 Commitments of Traders Numbers Melissa Moore 4837

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(2)  how often it tends to close higher/lower by day of week
(3)  how often it tends to gap up/down
(4)  historical summary of daily % of price change

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