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1 From Our Editor (Jerry Toepke) - Question Regarding Strategy Selection Mary Hatfield 59
2 Understanding MRCI's Research & How It Applies To Trading - From Jerry Toepke - MRCI Editor Mary Hatfield 134
3 MRCI -Subscription Refunds Mary Hatfield 959
4 MRCI & Liquidity Mary Hatfield 937
5 From Our Editor (Jerry Toepke) - Trade Selection Process... Mary Hatfield 1197
6 Trading on Shorter Time Frames? Melissa Moore 3765
7 VIX Research Melissa Moore 4917
8 What is a Red & Green contract? Melissa Moore 7838
9 What types of traders use MRCI? Melissa Moore 5399
10 What happens if LT is within suggested trading days? Melissa Moore 4937
11 Market Timing Brendan Hobbs 5462
12 Can you modify MRCI Strategies With A Nearer Term Contract &/or Mini Contracts? Melissa Moore 4699
13 Seasonality vs. News Brendan Hobbs 5212
14 Pit vs. Electronic Brendan Hobbs 5595
15 MRCI ONLINE contains.... Melissa Moore 6578
16 Too many customers & liquidity Melissa Moore 5100
17 MRCI Discounts? Melissa Moore 10126
18 Fundamental Analysis? Brendan Hobbs 5293
19 WSC & MRCI Online Subscription Details Brendan Hobbs 7113
20 Commitments of Traders Numbers Melissa Moore 5825

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The world will still run for decades on fossil-fuel energy --- crude oil, gasoline, heating oil, natural gas.  Buy 'em?  Sell 'em?  When?  Just since 2008, crude oil traded at $147/barrel, collapsed to -$40.32/barrel in 2020, ran to higher than $130 in early 2022, and the traded less than half that in May!

MRCI's newest special report is complete with seasonal patterns & weekly charts: for each delivery month and several spreads against each; for product spreads; for cash & basis; and for 3/2/1 and 2/1/1 crack spreads.  Better yet, this 284-page volume presents 190 seasonal & spread strategies to anticipate throughout the next 12-months. Order your copy today!