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MRCI Tutorials - free futures trading tutorials on how to utilize historical research

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Learn the ins and outs and maybe some new secrets with MRCI's Tutorials. Explains charts, seasonal analysis, spread research, historical reports & more!

Links to the PDF Format Files are also included as they are easier for printing.

MRCI Tutorials


1. MRCI Navigation: Navigation tutorial of the entire web-site. Shows where the links are and how to get around the website.

PDF Format:

2. MRCI ONLINE Daily Seasonal Strategy & Long Term Charts: Provides a description of the charts associated with each seasonal strategy published by MRCI.

PDF Format:

3. MRCI ONLINE Seasonal Pattern Charts: Shows how to navigate the Seasonal Patterns section of MRCI Online, and describes a seasonal pattern chart page.

PDF Format:

4. MRCI ONLINE Spread Research: Looks at what spread information is available, as well as reading and navigating the specific reports, and charts.

PDF Format:

5. MRCI Special Historical Reports: Describes the contents of the Historical Live Cattle/Feeder Cattle Report. Contains a detailed description of how to read a seasonal strategy & provides a basic introduction to the contents of most of MRCI’s Special Historical Reports.

PDF Format:

6. MRCI Seasonal Analysis: Describes the fundamental concept of how MRCI’s seasonal analysis is calculated and how to the information is represented on MRCI Online.

PDF Format:

7. MRCI Scenario Analysis: Defines Scenario Analysis as well as reading and navigating the associated pages.

PDF Format:

8. MRCI STOP Analysis

9. MRCI Online & Options Trading

PDF Format: online and options trading.pdf

10. From Research To Reality:

PDF Format:

11. MRCI Charts - Adobe Flash vs. HTML5

PDF Format:

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Will the stock market continue its tradition of rallying into the new year?  Will there be another "Santa Claus rally?"

After a frightening decline after Brexit and another overnight in an initial response to Donald Trump's election upset, several US stock indices returned toward their all-time highs --- although some international markets are lagging.  Does that provide incredible opportunity?  But which way and when?

MRCI's  Historical Indices Report, complete with seasonal patterns not only for US futures on S&P500, S&P MidCap 400, NASDAQ 100, Russe ll 2000, and DJIA but also for futures on several major international indices including the FT-SE 100, CAC 40, Nikkei 225, DAX, Euro STOXX 50, Swiss Market Index, SPI 200, and Hang Seng Index.