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MRCI's Daily Futures Continuation SuperCharts

MRCI's Daily Futures Continuation SuperCharts
Jan2021 Soybeans(CBOT)
Mar2021 Soybeans(CBOT)
May2021 Soybeans(CBOT)
Jul2021 Soybeans(CBOT) Aug2020 Soybeans(CBOT) Sep2020 Soybeans(CBOT)
Nov2020 Soybeans(CBOT)    
Mini Sized Soybeans
Jan2021 Mini-Sized Soybeans(CBOT) Mar2021 Mini-Sized Soybeans(CBOT)
May2021 Mini-Sized Soybeans(CBOT)
Jul2021 Mini-Sized Soybeans(CBOT) Aug2020 Mini-Sized Soybeans(CBOT) Sep2020 Mini-Sized Soybeans(CBOT)
Nov2020 Mini-Sized Soybeans(CBOT)    
Soybean Meal
Jan2021 Soybean Meal(CBOT) Mar2021 Soybean Meal(CBOT) May2021 Soybean Meal(CBOT)
Jul2021 Soybean Meal(CBOT) Aug2020 Soybean Meal(CBOT) Sep2020 Soybean Meal(CBOT)
Oct2020 Soybean Meal(CBOT) Dec2020 Soybean Meal(CBOT)  
Soybean Oil
Jan2021 Soybean Oil(CBOT) Mar2021 Soybean Oil(CBOT)
May2021 Soybean Oil(CBOT)
Jul2021 Soybean Oil(CBOT) Aug2020 Soybean Oil(CBOT) Sep2020 Soybean Oil(CBOT)
Oct2020 Soybean Oil(CBOT) Dec2020 Soybean Oil(CBOT)
Jan2021 Canola(WCE)
Mar2021 Canola(WCE)
May2021 Canola(WCE)
Jul2021 Canola(WCE) Nov2020 Canola(WCE)  
Mar2021 Corn(CBOT) May2021 Corn(CBOT) Jul2021 Corn(CBOT)
Sep2020 Corn(CBOT) Dec2020 Corn(CBOT)  
Mini-Sized Corn
Mar2021 Mini-Sized Corn(CBOT) May2021 Mini-Sized Corn(CBOT) Jul2021 Mini-Sized Corn(CBOT)
Sep2020 Mini-Sized Corn(CBOT) Dec2020 Mini-Sized Corn(CBOT)  
Mar2021 Oats(CBOT) May2021 Oats(CBOT) Jul2021 Oats(CBOT)
Sep2020 Oats(CBOT) Dec2020 Oats(CBOT)  
Mar2021 Wheat(CBOT) May2021 Wheat(CBOT) Jul2020 Wheat(CBOT)
Sep2020 Wheat(CBOT) Dec2020 Wheat(CBOT)  
Mini-Sized Wheat
Mar2021 Mini-Sized Wheat(CBOT) May2021 Mini-Sized Wheat(CBOT) Jul2021 Mini-Sized Wheat(CBOT)
Sep2020 Mini-Sized Wheat(CBOT) Dec2020 Mini-Sized Wheat(CBOT)  
Kansas City Wheat
Mar2021 Wheat(KCBT) May2021 Wheat(KCBT) Jul2021 Wheat(KCBT)
Sep2020 Wheat(KCBT) Dec2020 Wheat(KCBT)  
Minneapolis Wheat
Mar2021 Wheat(MGE) May2021 Wheat(MGE) Jul2021 Wheat(MGE)
Sep2020 Wheat(MGE) Dec2020 Wheat(MGE)  
Live Cattle
Feb2021 Live Cattle(CME) Apr2021 Live Cattle(CME)
Jun2021 Live Cattle(CME)
Aug2020 Live Cattle(CME) Oct2020 Live Cattle(CME) Dec2020 Live Cattle(CME)
Lean Hogs
Feb2021 Lean Hogs(CME) Apr2021 Lean Hogs(CME) Jun2021 Lean Hogs(CME)
Jul2021 Lean Hogs(CME) Aug2020 Lean Hogs(CME) Oct2020 Lean Hogs(CME)
Dec2020 Lean Hogs(CME)    
Feeder Cattle
Jan2021 Feeder Cattle(CME) Mar2021 Feeder Cattle(CME)
Apr2021 Feeder Cattle(CME)
May2021 Feeder Cattle(CME)
Aug2020 Feeder Cattle(CME) Sep2020 Feeder Cattle(CME)
Oct2020 Feeder Cattle(CME) Nov2020 Feeder Cattle(CME)  
Class III Milk
Jan2021 Class III Milk(CME) Feb2021 Class III Milk(CME) Mar2021 Class III Milk(CME)
Apr2021 Class III Milk(CME) May2021 Class III Milk(CME) Jun2021 Class III Milk(CME)
Jul2020 Class III Milk(CME) Aug2020 Class III Milk(CME) Sep2020 Class III Milk(CME)
Oct2020 Class III Milk(CME) Nov2020 Class III Milk(CME) Dec2020 Class III Milk(CME)
Mar2021 Cocoa(ICE) May2021 Cocoa(ICE) Jul2021 Cocoa(ICE)
Sep2020 Cocoa(ICE) Dec2020 Cocoa(ICE)  
Mar2021 Coffee "C"(ICE) May2021 Coffee "C"(ICE) Jul2021 Coffee "C"(ICE)
Sep2020 Coffee "C"(ICE) Dec2020 Coffee "C"(ICE)  
Orange Juice
Jan2021 Orange Juice(ICE) Mar2021 Orange Juice(ICE) May2021 Orange Juice(ICE)
Jul2021 Orange Juice(ICE) Sep2020 Orange Juice(ICE) Nov2020 Orange Juice(ICE)
Sugar #11
Mar2021 Sugar #11(ICE) May2021 Sugar #11(ICE) Jul2021 Sugar #11(ICE)
Oct2020 Sugar #11(ICE)    
London Cocoa
Mar2021 London Cocoa(LCE) May2021 London Cocoa(LCE) Jul2021 London Cocoa(LCE)
Sep2020 London Cocoa(LCE) Dec2020 London Cocoa(LCE)  
London Sugar
Mar2021 London Sugar(LCE) May2021 London Sugar(LCE) Aug2020 London Sugar(LCE)
Oct2020 London Sugar(LCE) Dec2020 London Sugar(LCE)  
London Coffee
Jan2021 London Coffee(LCE) Mar2021 London Coffee(LCE) May2021 London Coffee(LCE)
Jul2021 London Coffee(LCE) Sep2020 London Coffee(LCE) Nov2020 London Coffee(LCE)
Rough Rice
Jan2021 Rough Rice(CBOT) Mar2021 Rough Rice(CBOT) May2021 Rough Rice(CBOT)
Jul2021 Rough Rice(CBOT) Sep2020 Rough Rice(CBOT) Nov2020 Rough Rice(CBOT)
Mar2021 Cotton(ICE)
May2021 Cotton(ICE)
Jul2021 Cotton(ICE)
Oct2020 Cotton(ICE) Dec2020 Cotton(ICE)  
Jan2021 Lumber(CME)
Mar2021 Lumber(CME)
May2021 Lumber(CME)
Jul2021 Lumber(CME) Sep2020 Lumber(CME) Nov2020 Lumber(CME)
Crude Oil
Jan2021 Crude Oil(NYM) Feb2021 Crude Oil(NYM) Mar2021 Crude Oil(NYM)
Apr2021 Crude Oil(NYM) May2021 Crude Oil(NYM)
Jun2021 Crude Oil(NYM)
Jul2021 Crude Oil(NYM) Aug2020 Crude Oil(NYM) Sep2020 Crude Oil(NYM)
Oct2020 Crude Oil(NYM) Nov2020 Crude Oil(NYM) Dec2020 Crude Oil(NYM)
Brent Crude Oil
Jan2021 Brent Crude Oil(ICE) Feb2021 Brent Crude Oil(ICE) Mar2021 Brent Crude Oil(ICE)
Apr2021 Brent Crude Oil(ICE) May2021 Brent Crude Oil(ICE)
Jun2021 Brent Crude Oil(ICE)
Jul2021 Brent Crude Oil(ICE) Aug2020 Brent Crude Oil(ICE) Sep2020 Brent Crude Oil(ICE)
Oct2020 Brent Crude Oil(ICE) Nov2020 Brent Crude Oil(ICE) Dec2020 Brent Crude Oil(ICE)
NY Harbor ULSD
Jan2021 NY Harbor ULSD(NYM) Feb2021 NY Harbor ULSD(NYM) Mar2021 NY Harbor ULSD(NYM)
Apr2021 NY Harbor ULSD(NYM) May2021 NY Harbor ULSD(NYM) Jun2021 NY Harbor ULSD(NYM)
Jul2021 NY Harbor ULSD(NYM) Aug2020 NY Harbor ULSD(NYM) Sep2020 NY Harbor ULSD(NYM)
Oct2020 NY Harbor ULSD(NYM) Nov2020 NY Harbor ULSD(NYM)
Dec2020 NY Harbor ULSD(NYM)
RBOB Gasoline
Jan2021 RBOB Gasoline(NYM) Feb2021 RBOB Gasoline(NYM) Mar2021 RBOB Gasoline(NYM)
Apr2021 RBOB Gasoline(NYM)
May2021 RBOB Gasoline(NYM) Jun2021 RBOB Gasoline(NYM)
Jul2021 RBOB Gasoline(NYM) Aug2020 RBOB Gasoline(NYM) Sep2020 RBOB Gasoline(NYM)
Oct2020 RBOB Gasoline(NYM) Nov2020 RBOB Gasoline(NYM) Dec2020 RBOB Gasoline(NYM)
Natural Gas
Jan2021 Natural Gas(NYM)
Feb2021 Natural Gas(NYM)
Mar2021 Natural Gas(NYM)
Apr2021 Natural Gas(NYM) May2021 Natural Gas(NYM)
Jun2021 Natural Gas(NYM)
Jul2021 Natural Gas(NYM) Aug2020 Natural Gas(NYM) Sep2020 Natural Gas(NYM)
Oct2020 Natural Gas(NYM) Nov2020 Natural Gas(NYM) Dec2020 Natural Gas(NYM)
WTI Crude Oil
Jan2021 WTI Crude Oil(ICE) Feb2021 WTI Crude Oil(ICE) Mar2021 WTI Crude Oil(ICE)
Apr2021 WTI Crude Oil(ICE) May2021 WTI Crude Oil(ICE) Jun2021 WTI Crude Oil(ICE)
Jul2021 WTI Crude Oil(ICE) Aug2020 WTI Crude Oil(ICE) Sep2020 WTI Crude Oil(ICE)
Oct2020 WTI Crude Oil(ICE) Nov2020 WTI Crude Oil(ICE) Dec2020 WTI Crude Oil(ICE)
Gas Oil
Jan2021 Gas Oil(ICE) Feb2021 Gas Oil(ICE) Mar2021 Gas Oil(ICE)
Apr2021 Gas Oil(ICE) May2021 Gas Oil(ICE) Jun2021 Gas Oil(ICE)
Jul2021 Gas Oil(ICE) Aug2020 Gas Oil(ICE) Sep2020 Gas Oil(ICE)
Oct2020 Gas Oil(ICE) Nov2020 Gas Oil(ICE) Dec2020 Gas Oil(ICE)
Australian Dollar
Mar2021 Australian Dollar(CME)
Jun2021 Australian Dollar(CME) Sep2020 Australian Dollar(CME)
Dec2020 Australian Dollar(CME)
British Pound
Mar2021 British Pound(CME) Jun2021 British Pound(CME) Sep2020 British Pound(CME)
Dec2020 British Pound(CME)
Canadian Dollar
Mar2021 Canadian Dollar(CME)
Jun2021 Canadian Dollar(CME) Sep2020 Canadian Dollar(CME)
Dec2020 Canadian Dollar(CME)    
US Dollar Index
Mar2021 US Dollar Index(ICE)
Jun2021 US Dollar Index(ICE) Sep2020 US Dollar Index(ICE)
Dec2020 US Dollar Index(ICE)    
Mar2021 EuroFX(CME)
Jun2021 EuroFX(CME) Sep2020 EuroFX(CME)
Dec2020 EuroFX(CME)    
Japanese Yen
Mar2021 Japanese Yen(CME) Jun2021 Japanese Yen(CME) Sep2020 Japanese Yen(CME)
Dec2020 Japanese Yen(CME)    
New Zealand Dollar
Mar2021 New Zealand Dollar(CME)
Jun2021 New Zealand Dollar(CME) Sep2020 New Zealand Dollar(CME)
Dec2020 New Zealand Dollar(CME)    
Mexican Peso
Mar2021 Mexican Peso(CME) Jun2021 Mexican Peso(CME) Sep2020 Mexican Peso(CME)
Dec2020 Mexican Peso(CME)    
Brazilian Real
Mar2021 Brazilian Real(CME) Jun2021 Brazilian Real(CME) Sep2020 Brazilian Real(CME)
Dec2020 Brazilian Real(CME)
Swiss Franc
Mar2021 Swiss Franc(CME)
Jun2021 Swiss Franc(CME) Sep2020 Swiss Franc(CME)
Dec2020 Swiss Franc(CME)
30-Year T-Bonds
Mar2020 30-Year T-Bonds(CBOT) Jun2020 30-Year T-Bonds(CBOT) Sep2020 30-Year T-Bonds(CBOT)
Dec2020 30-Year T-Bonds(CBOT)    
10-Year T-Notes
Mar2020 10-Year T-Notes(CBOT) Jun2020 10-Year T-Notes(CBOT) Sep2020 10-Year T-Notes(CBOT)
Dec2019 10-Year T-Notes(CBOT)    
5-Year T-Notes
Mar2020 5-Year T-Notes(CBOT) Jun2020 5-Year T-Notes(CBOT) Sep2020 5-Year T-Notes(CBOT)
Dec2019 5-Year T-Notes(CBOT)    
2-Year T-Notes
Mar2020 2 Year T-Notes(CBOT) Jun2020 2 Year T-Notes(CBOT) Sep2020 2 Year T-Notes(CBOT)
Dec2019 2 Year T-Notes(CBOT)    
3-Month Eurodollars
Mar2021 Eurodollars(CME) Jun2021 Eurodollars(CME) Sep2020 Eurodollars(CME)
Dec2020 Eurodollars(CME)
Japanese Gov't Bonds
Mar2021 Japanese Govt Bonds(SGX) Jun2021 Japanese Govt Bonds(SGX) Sep2020 Japanese Govt Bonds(SGX)
Dec2020 Japanese Govt Bonds(SGX)    
Mar2021 Euro-Bund(EUREX) Jun2020 Euro-Bund(EUREX) Sep2020 Euro-Bund(EUREX)
Dec2020 Euro-Bund(EUREX)    
Mar2021 Euro-Bobl(EUREX) Jun2020 Euro-Bobl(EUREX) Sep2020 Euro-Bobl(EUREX)
Dec2020 Euro-Bobl(EUREX)    
Long Gilt
Mar2021 Long Gilt(LIFFE) Jun2020 Long Gilt(LIFFE) Sep2020 Long Gilt(LIFFE)
Dec2020 Long Gilt(LIFFE)    
Short Sterling
Mar2021 3-Mth Short Sterling(LIFFE)
Jun2021 3-Mth Short Sterling(LIFFE) Sep2020 3-Mth Short Sterling(LIFFE)
Dec2020 3-Mth Short Sterling(LIFFE)
Feb2021 Gold(CMX)
Apr2021 Gold(CMX)
Jun2021 Gold(CMX)
Aug2020 Gold(CMX) Oct2020 Gold(CMX) Dec2020 Gold(CMX)
Mar2021 Silver(CMX)
May2021 Silver(CMX)
Jul2021 Silver(CMX)
Sep2020 Silver(CMX) Dec2020 Silver(CMX)  
Jan2021 Platinum(NYMEX) Apr2021 Platinum(NYMEX) Jul2021 Platinum(NYMEX)
Oct2020 Platinum(NYMEX)    
Mar2021 Palladium(NYMEX) Jun2021 Palladium(NYMEX) Sep2020 Palladium(NYMEX)
Dec2020 Palladium(NYMEX)    
Mar2021 Copper(CMX)
May2021 Copper(CMX)
Jul2021 Copper(CMX)
Sep2020 Copper(CMX) Dec2020 Copper(CMX)  
S & P 500
Mar2021 S & P 500(CME)
Jun2021 S & P 500(CME) Sep2020 S & P 500(CME)
Dec2020 S & P 500(CME)    
S & P 500 e-Mini
Mar2021 S & P 500 E-Mini(CME)
Jun2021 S & P 500 E-Mini(CME) Sep2020 S & P 500 E-Mini(CME)
Dec2020 S & P 500 E-Mini(CME)    
DJIA e-Mini
Mar2021 E-mini DJIA Index(CBOT) Jun2021 E-mini DJIA Index(CBOT) Sep2020 E-mini DJIA Index(CBOT)
Dec2020 E-mini DJIA Index(CBOT)    
Nasdaq 100 e-Mini
Mar2021 NASDAQ 100 E-Mini(CME)
Jun2021 NASDAQ 100 E-Mini(CME) Sep2020 NASDAQ 100 E-Mini(CME)
Dec2020 NASDAQ 100 E-Mini(CME)    
Russell 2000 e-Mini
Mar2021 Russell 2000 Mini(CME)
Jun2021 Russell 2000 Mini(CME) Sep2020 Russell 2000 Mini(CME)
Dec2020 Russell 2000 Mini(CME)    
S & P 400 e-Mini
Mar2021 S&P Midcap 400(CME) e-Mini
Jun2021 S&P Midcap 400(CME) e-Mini Sep2020 S&P Midcap 400(CME) e-Mini
Dec2020 S&P Midcap 400(CME) e-Mini    
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