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1 Importing MRCI Volatility Emails Into Excel Melissa Moore 254
2 Printing Tips for MRCI Special Historical Reports Melissa Moore 973
3 Can one disable the informations that pops up when you hover the mouse over a chart? Brendan Hobbs 1220
4 Why do I have to keep entering my username & password? to our website Melissa Moore 2252
5 What time does the website get updated? Brendan Hobbs 1327
6 Can custom parameters be set up on your charts? Brendan Hobbs 1382
7 Viewing MRCI Special Reports in Full Screen Brendan Hobbs 1675
8 Printing emails from Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express Kennedy Price 1616
9 Printing Tips Mary Hatfield 1353

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Crude oil, gasoline, heating oil, natural gas --- Buy 'em?  Sell 'em?  When?

In 2008, crude oil traded its all-time high above $145/barrel --- and then collapsed in six months to below $35.   Then, after running back up to almost $115, prices coiled for 3 years --- but then collapsed again, plunging from $107 to barely $42 in only nine months.  Since then, sellers have emerged each time it has dared trade above $60.  Within these larger secular movements, when would one expect seasonal pressures normally to force price higher?

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