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The 1980 Silver Market High - long-term nearby monthly charts don't show the true picture!

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May 2011 Silver traded up to $49.82 overnight --- just below 1980's all-time high of $50.36 traded by January 1980, in delivery and thus reflecting cash prices.  Below are links to 1980 charts for January, March, May, and July Silver.  (The latter three were constrained by daily trading limits, which are no longer in effect.)  Expect the exchange to raise margin requirements SOON as $11,745 is a bit low for a $238,600 contract at 47.72.(only 4.9% - lots of leverage!)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 01 June 2011 08:57
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Got Gas

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The March 2004 issue of "Stocks, Futures & Options" magazine ( will include an article from Moore Research Center, Inc., discussing the seasonal tendencies of gasoline and natural gas during March-May.

Few industries are more basic than energy, and few changes are more dependable than those that follow from one season to the next. So, if change creates opportunity, has the vernal equinox generated opportunities in the energy sector? If so, of what consequence and with what degree of reliability?

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 January 2011 07:07

Evolution of the Gasoline Contract

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Ever since Henry Ford began mass producing autos, gasoline has undergone change. In the late twentieth century it went from leaded to unleaded. The New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) began a contract for Unleaded Gasoline (first UR, then HU) in late 1984.

Environmental concerns over the additive methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE) in unleaded drove the latest evolution. Beginning October 2005, NYMEX began trading a futures contract for delivery of Reformulated Blendstock for Oxygenate Blending (RBOB) alongside that for HU as unleaded was being phased out.

Last Updated on Monday, 18 May 2009 10:21

S&P Futures Trading Pattern

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As part of a real-time trading seminar on April 17, Larry Williams revealed a short-term trading pattern that explicitly triggered an aggressive long S&P futures position the day before the Fed cut interest rates and the Dow Industrials exploded 400 points.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 May 2011 12:14
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