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2024 Energy Report $100.00
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Looking for opportunities? The world will still run for decades on fossil-fuel energy --- crude oil, gasoline, heating oil, natural gas. Buy 'em? Sell 'em? When? Just since 2008, crude oil traded at $147/barrel, collapsed to -$40.32/barrel in 2020, ran to higher than $130 in early 2022, but in mid 2024 was testing only $70!

With such momentous movements, when would one expect seasonal pressures normally to force price higher? Lower? Gasoline and heating oil have had similar trends. But when is it the best time to buy each? And did you know that natural gas prices traded to $10/mmBtu in 2022 --- but were trading near multi-decade lows early 2024?

MRCI's newest special report is complete with seasonal patterns & weekly charts: for each delivery month and several spreads against each; for product spreads; for cash & basis; and for 3/2/1 and 2/1/1 crack spreads. Better yet, this 284-page volume presents 190 seasonal & spread strategies to anticipate throughout the next 12-months.

  • Crude Oil
  • Heating Oil
  • Gasoline
  • Natural Gas

  • 85 Outright Trade Strategies
  • 105 Spread Trade Strategies

  • Seasonal Pattern
  • Weekly
  • Volatility
  • Cash
  • Basis


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