2020 Report Schedule & "Old" Report Info

Thursday, 02 December 2010 12:09 Brendan Hobbs

When will the 2020 Special Historical Reports be published?


Lean Hog/Cattle-Hog Spreads

Live Cattle/Feeder Cattle


MARCH: Grains

APRIL: Soybean Complex

MAY: Softs

JUNE: Energy

JULY: Brent


SEPTEMBER: Interest Rates



What is the difference between your 2020 Special Historical Reports & the 2019 editions?

Each year we release a new edition for each of our 12 Special Historical Reports.
The benefit in buying new editions each year is that you will have more historical trading strategies to explore.

Due to the selection process, (see below for selection process info) each new edition of our Special Historical Reports feature approximately 60% different historical trading strategies.

Please note: we are happy to offer our customers the following discounts.
If you buy a current report, (like our 2019 Indices) less than 90 days before a new edition is scheduled to be released then you will also have the option to buy the new report, (like the 2020 Indices) for just HALF-PRICE when it is released!

Here's how the selection process works....

1. Each year, MRCI's seasonal programs run an initial scan to find all strategies that are 80% historically reliable between specific dates.
So, whenever we choose strategies for any publication at any time, we start with the freshest data possible.  We also ignore anything we have published anywhere else.  In other words, there is no "master list," per se.

2. From that "raw list" MRCI analysts subjectively choose the strategies.  The most weight is given to win/loss percentage, then to total average profit, then to average profit/day (suggests the intensity of the move), and then to other considerations (does exit coincide with First Notice Day, etc.) So, all published strategies are chosen from a much bigger initial list.


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