Why Should I Buy The Energy Report?

Wednesday, 20 June 2018 09:45 Mary Hatfield

Don't I already get this research with my MRCI ONLINE subscription?

MRCI's Historical Energy Report is meant for those either in the energy business, or who especially likes to trade this complex. By focusing
on and presenting A LOT more trading strategies (190) specifically for energy, traders can better understand how each trades throughout the year
rather than isolated strategies.

Yes, MRCI ONLINE subscribers now receive a few (on average, 2 per month) specific ENERGY trading strategies; but our Historical Energy Report
gives you 190 trading strategies that you can research for yourself weeks and months in advance.

Thus, the MRCI ONLINE subscribers most likely to benefit from ordering our Historical Energy Report are those with special interest in this complex,
and who desires more trading strategies and/or a year-round perspective not so conveniently found with only an MRCI ONLINE subscription.

View SAMPLE PAGES from a previous edition of MRCI's Historical Energy Report here: http://www.mrci.com/sample/hisrpt/energy12.pdf

For valuable information on how to navigate our reports, please visit our SPECIAL HISTORICAL REPORT TUTORIAL. (Note: Live Cattle/Feeder Cattle is the example report)

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