Where Can I Find ENERGY Research?

Friday, 06 May 2016 08:07 Melissa Moore

1. MRCI Online

MRCI ONLINE Subscribers will find MRCI dynamic ENERGY research for the Crude Oil, NY Harbor ULSD Gasoline & Natural Gas markets in the following sections.

1.  Seasonal Pattern Charts: http://www.mrci.com/client/seapat/
2.  Correlation studies: http://www.mrci.com/client/correl/
3.  Volatility: http://www.mrci.com/client/options/index.php
4.   Trader's Desk Reference: http://www.mrci.com/client/tdr/
5.  Weekly & Monthly Charts:http://www.mrci.com/client/tdr/ltindex.php
6.  Special Spread Charts: http://www.mrci.com/client/special/
7.  Futures & Cash Charts: http://www.mrci.com/specialfuturescashcharts.htm

We also provide 1-2 outright & 1-2 spread strategies within MRCI ONLINE from the ENERGY markets each month.

Futures: http://www.mrci.com/client/futures/seaact.php

Spreads: http://www.mrci.com/client/spreads/spdact.php.

*All applicable charts & research is updated daily!


2. MRCI'S Historical ENERGY Report

MRCI Special Historical Reports feature MORE historical trading strategies for the markets you trade most!

For example, MRCI'S Historical ENERGY Report is 284-pages & complete with 190 seasonal & spread strategies for throughout the year.

Please note: A new Energy Report is released in May of each year.

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