January 2021 Editors Comments

Tuesday, 01 December 2020 12:51 Melissa Moore

Special Historical Reports

MRCI publishes a new round of volumes in its series of special reports each year.

Hottest off the press:

2020 Historical Indices: this 186-page volume features seasonal analysis for US stock indices SP500, SP400 Midcap, NASDAQ 100, Russell 2000, DJIA and several international; includes
62 strategies for US indices and 108 for those international.

2020 Historical Metals: an 84-page volume featuring seasonal analysis for gold, silver, platinum, and copper; with 42 seasonal strategies and 30 spreads for year-round trading ideas.

2020 Historical Forex: this 218-page volume features seasonal analysis of the Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, and US dollars, the British pound, Japanese yen, EuroFX, Swiss franc, and Mexican Peso; weekly charts for each delivery month; several inter-market spreads; best of all, 236 seasonal and spread strategies.

Recently published:

2020 Historical Brent: the perfect complement to 2020 Historical Energy highlighted immediately below, this 220-page volume features seasonal analysis for Brent Crude - upon which much of the world's oil is priced - and gasoil; with 74 trading strategies, including spreads between crude light and Brent crude.

2020 Historical Energy: this 280-page volume features seasonal analysis for crude oil, gasoline, heating oil, and natural gas; with seasonal patterns and weekly charts for each delivery month and several spreads, including product and crack spreads; with 190 seasonal and spread strategies.

2020 Historical Softs:  this 154-page volume features seasonal analysis for cocoa, coffee, cotton, orange juice, sugar, and rice; with seasonal patterns and weekly charts for each delivery and several spreads; presents 84 seasonal and spread strategies.

CRB & Physical Commodities

Wow!  Now that was impressive!

The old CRB had its best monthly showing in years.  After closing October at 144.81, testing on that last day its low for the month of 142.59, the Index looked as if it was ready to collapse.  But on the first trading day of November, it opened lower and then burst higher - foreshadowing a dynamic run throughout the month.  By the next-to-last day of November, the Index had traded up to 161.10 - the highest since early March and above the 50-week moving average of about 149.

Was it relief the election was over?  Excitement over the development of coronavirus vaccines that would eventually allow not only the US but also the global economy to recover and go on to new heights?

Though gold and silver struggled to consolidate(?), grains and soybeans continued to rally right through harvest!  Copper soared.  Natural gas traded as if it had made a bottom of some significance, and the petroleum complex worked erratically higher.  Some softs rallied.

What now?  Remarkably, both the US dollar and precious metals ended the month grossly oversold on daily/weekly charts, with the dollar also oversold on monthly charts.  Does that mean both will fall farther?  Both primed to rally?  One fall and one rally?

What can you possibly do but ...

Trade 'em,

Jerry Toepke

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