November 2019 Editors Comments

Tuesday, 01 October 2019 11:37 Melissa Moore

Special Historical Reports

MRCI publishes a new round of volumes in its series of special reports each year.

Hottest off the press:

1. 2019 Historical Metals

This 84-page volume contains seasonal analysis of gold, silver, copper, and platinum, including gold/silver spreads and gold/platinum spreads; with 72 seasonal and spread trading strategies.

2. 2019 Historical Interest Rates

This 206-page volume contains seasonal analysis of US debt instrument futures for 30-yr bonds, 10-/5-/2-yr Treasuries, and Eurodollars along with instruments from LIFFE, EUREX, SGX, SFE international exchanges; complete with 186 seasonal and spread strategies.

Recently published:

3. 2019 Historical Forex

This 236-page volume contains seasonal analysis of AD, BP, CD, USD, EU, JY, MP, NZ, and SF futures; seasonal patterns for each delivery month and intermarket spreads; includes 236 seasonal and spread strategies.

CRB & Physical Commodities

A bottom in June 2017 at 166.48.  Another the last week in 2018 at 168.21 and the first week of 2019 at 168.26.  Now three at 167.38 (on 8/7/19), 167.64 (8/23/19), and finally 167.79 (9/3/19).

Could that be a big triple bottom, with one made in each of the years 2017-2019?  

After the September low, it rose to 183.33 taking out the August high and testing the 50-week moving average.  However, it ended the month at only 173.94 right on the 50-day moving average.

On the first day of October, corn and soybeans rose despite harvest getting underway but coincident with the typical seasonal bottom for both, and wheat was modestly higher.

Gold and silver were both higher.  Was the preceding sell-off a washout or the beginning of a larger decline?  After the spike up in response to the Saudi oil bombing, crude oil sold off to below where it was just prior, but products held firm on 10/1.

On that same day, the US dollar made a new high since April 2017 but then reversed, at least for the day.

Now what?

Maybe we better be ready to ...

Trade 'em,

Jerry Toepke

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