November 2017 Editors Comments

Tuesday, 03 October 2017 09:43 Melissa Moore

Special Historical Reports

Hottest off the press:

2017 Historical Metals: this 84-page volume contains seasonal analysis for gold, silver, platinum, and copper; seasonal patterns and weekly charts for each delivery month; includes 72 seasonal and spread strategies for year-round trading ideas.

Recently published:

2017 Historical Interest Rates: this 222-page volume of seasonal analysis for not only US Treasury bonds and notes and Eurodollars but also several international sovereign debt instruments; with 206 seasonal and spread strategies for year-round trading ideas; also introduces ratio spreads recognized by US exchanges for margin purposes.

CRB & Physical Commodities

Heads and shoulders (H&S)?!?

The CRB Index is trying to build out the right shoulder of a potential H&S bottom on a weekly chart.  It fell back from the neckline (~184) on the first day of October, but ...

Copper, usually considered a leading indicator, appears to have completed a breakout from a 3-year weekly H&S bottom, and may be looking to retest its breakout in the area of $2.75-2.80.

Even crude oil appears to be working on a potential H&S bottom, with a neckline near $52.50.

'Tis the season for harvest lows in soybeans and corn.  So far, soybeans made a low in June, then a higher pre-harvest low in August.  If they cannot make a new low coincident with the harvest glut, does that suggest a market building a bullish base?  Corn made a new pre-harvest low in August.  Can it make a new low in October/November?  If not, what does that mean?

Gold, silver, platinum were all under pressure going into October, but all three traditionally rally during the gift-giving season.  (If they do not, that could certainly suggest serious weakness.)

All will eventually be revealed, but, until then, maybe we should
be ready to ...

Trade 'em,

Jerry Toepke
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