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MRCI ONLINE Subscriptions Include.....

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  1. Monthly Seasonal Trades- 15 per month-all at least 80% historically reliable & from a variety of commodity markets.
  2. Spread Strategy Details - historical detail table, seasonal, weekly & monthly charts.
  3. Seasonal Pattern Charts - for over 40 cash and futures markets.
  4. Correlation Studies - evaluates up to 30 years of history against current contracts.
  5. Volatility Charts - both implied and historical volatility.
  6. Historical Daily Charts - nearly 6,000 charts for as far back as 1966.
  7. MRCI Online Update - emailed every Wednesday by the MRCI Team.
  8. Futures & Cash Charts - convenient, flip through PDF files show market's past prices, compare its present behavior, & visualize it's possible future.
  9. Special Spread Charts - over 65 different PDF files each displaying several spreads in a market or complex.
  10. Scenario Analysis - statistical analysis of long-term market targets.
  11. Plus a whole lot more!!!!
  12. We welcome YOU to take advantage of ALL this research with full access to MRCI ONLINE for just $49 per month.

    Purchase a MRCI ONLINE subscription NOW for immediate access!

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The world will still run for decades on fossil-fuel energy --- crude oil, gasoline, heating oil, natural gas.  Buy 'em?  Sell 'em?  When?  Just since 2008, crude oil traded at $147/barrel, collapsed to -$40.32/barrel in 2020, ran to higher than $130 in early 2022, and the traded less than half that in May!

MRCI's newest special report is complete with seasonal patterns & weekly charts: for each delivery month and several spreads against each; for product spreads; for cash & basis; and for 3/2/1 and 2/1/1 crack spreads.  Better yet, this 284-page volume presents 190 seasonal & spread strategies to anticipate throughout the next 12-months. Order your copy today!