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China is a rising power now with the world's second-largest economy. But already involved in a tariff/trade battle with the United States, it is now suffering from a viral epidemic that has closed down cities, travel, and an unknown portion of its economy. But how much do we really know about its stock markets?

MRCI has 13 years of price data on the Shanghai Composite Index and 21 on the Shenzen Composite Index and will now update charts for these daily. They will be in the normal MRCI format, plotting daily prices, illustrating seasonal patterns, and with the ability to zoom, annotate, plot an RSI, etc.

What immediately jumps out from these charts is that the recent market break, although perhaps exaggerated by events specific to this year, was not an isolated event. Note how the seasonal patterns identify a significant if not always a seasonal low coincident with Chinese New Year, when these markets close for a week in late January or early Feburary.

Watch for MRCI to highlight such significant market events or conditions as appropriate in the future.

Computers compare daily the price behavior of previous years with the current market to date. Any that correlate at a minimum of 84% are listed to the right and included in a composite green pattern. The blue shaded area highlights the coming week to better identify the position of the seasonal pattern below.



Most quote charts don't cover this period on their long-term charts...  Amazing, the dollar went from 85 area in 1979-1980 to 164 area in early 1985..
Dollar index just traded at 110.25: