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2022 Brent Report $89.00
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Expected ship date is July 01, 2022.

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US industry looks to New York to price crude oil and its products, but Europe and much of the world also looks to London and its Brent Crude. Did you know that the International Commodity Exchange (ICE) features Brent Crude Oil, trading volume and open interest for which can equal or even exceed those for NYMEX Crude Light? That spreads between Brent and Crude Light widen and narrow in patterns? That ICE futures in Gas Oil (a distillate like heating oil) can sometimes trade more than twice the volume of heating oil (ULSD)?

Do these liquid markets follow similar seasonal paths as US markets? Are you missing multiple opportunities?

Find Out Now!

  • Brent Crude Oil
  • Gas Oil
  • Brent vs Crude Oil
  • 24 seasonal & spread for Brent Crude Oil
  • 32 seasonal & spread for Gas Oil
  • 12 spread for Brent Crude/Crude Light
  • Seasonal Pattern & Weekly Charts
  • Inter- & Intra-market Spreads
  • Volatility
  • Cash
  • Basis
  • 120+ pages
  • All Charts & Strategies Will Be Updated Through 06/30/2022
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