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2011 Softs Report $139.00
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Moore Research Center, Inc. is pleased to inform you that our new 2011 SOFTS REPORT is now available!

You hear about prices for crude oil and for gold. But what about some of the more exotic commodities, the so-called softs? Did you know that world sugar prices recently reached 30-year highs --- and then fell almost 30% in just a couple of months? Is there an opportunity? If so, when? What about other agriculture commodities --- cocoa, coffee, orange juice, and cotton? Did you know cocoa prices reached a more than 32-year high just a couple months ago --- and then fell 20% Is THAT an opportunity? And what about King Cotton? Did you know that cotton prices exceeded $2.20/pound a few weeks ago --- about twice as high as it had ever traded in at least the last 40 years? Increased volatility in all these markets means increased opportunity ---but only for those familiar with these markets. Historically, when is the best time to buy? To hold? To sell?

You want trading opportunities? You want price movement? You want to know WHEN --- and in WHICH DIRECTION? MRCI does not presume to know what 2011 will bring --- except price movement and opportunity! But the brand-new "2011 Historical Softs Complex" special report illustrates and quantifies price movement in both cash and futures for all the softs markets over the last 15 years! Both traders and commercial interests alike benefit from knowing the past before anticipating the future.

MRCI's 2011 SOFTS REPORT is just $149 plus S/H for the mailed edition or just $139 for the online edition - Adobe Flash Format. Please note: with our new online format, you will be able to view &/or print this report immediately. However, due to our new company security policies you will NOT be able to save this report to your computer.

  • Coffee
  • Cocoa
  • Cotton
  • Orange Juice
  • Sugar
  • Rough Rice
  • 66 Outright Trade Strategies
  • 18 Spread Trade Strategies
  • Seasonal Pattern and Weekly Charts
  • Inter- & Intra-market Spreads
  • Volatility
  • Bull/Bear
  • Cash

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