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2011 Interest Rates Report $89.00
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Interest rates all along the yield curve are historically low. Will they go up? Will they stay low? Or can they go still lower? In what direction --- and when --- do interest rate markets tend to move? Could you benefit from statistical analysis that answers such questions about financial instruments? Would it be of any value to you to know what patterns of behavior they have exhibited over the last 15 years?

  • 30-year Treasury Bonds
  • 10-year Treasury Notes
  • 5-year Treasury Notes
  • 2-year Treasury Notes
  • Eurodollars
  • Euro-Bunds
  • Euro-Bobl
  • Euribor
  • Long Gilt
  • Short Sterling
  • Euro-Yen
  • 10-yr Japanese Government Bond
  • Australian T-Bill
  • Australian 3-yr Treasury Bonds
  • Australian 10-yr Treasury Bonds
  • 124 Outright Trade Strategies
  • 52 Spread Trade Strategies
  • Seasonal Pattern
  • Weekly
  • Volatility
  • Cash
  • Basis

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