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2019 Lumber Report $69.00
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The US housing industry has been recovering for years. Just last year nearby lumber futures last year traded above $650 --- then six months later down to about $300! And prices still rise and fall. Are they too high? How will that affect US construction season? Will prices go lower? Or will they go higher? If so, when? If so, for how long?

Opportunities abound when prices move. But which way --- and when? MRCI's brand-new 2019 HISTORICAL LUMBER REPORT does not presume to know what the new year will bring, but it does illustrate and quantify price movement in futures over the last 15 years. Both traders and commercial interests benefit from knowing the past before anticipating the future. This 54-page volume brings you 15-year seasonal patterns and 16 years of historical daily charts for each futures delivery month, seasonal analysis and 18 historically reliable futures trading ideas.

  • Lumber
  • 16 Outright Trade Strategies
  • 2 Spread Trade Strategies
  • Seasonal Pattern
  • Weekly
  • Daily

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