New! Seasonal Pattern Charts

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New! Seasonal Pattern Charts

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MRCI Seasonal Pattern Charts our stock-in-trade and updated monthly, for MRCI Online subscribers can be of value even to traders of a non-seasonal persuasion. This section contains over 250 charts for over 40 cash and futures markets. First, what are the composite patterns for the most recent 5 years and for the most recent 15 years? Secondly, what are the patterns for bull and bear years? In some cases you may look at the bull and bear charts and say to yourself, "Wow, bull markets go up and bear markets go down! I could tell that without looking at a chart." The important keys to these charts are, for instance, "Are there any periods in a bull market which can be bearish?" or "Are there any periods which can be a tip-off to how the contract will continue to behave?" Even more specifically, these charts identify previous bull, bear, and flat years.

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