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Data Vendors

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We provide End of Day, (Open, High, Low, Close, Change, Volume & OI) futures prices, free of charge:

We also provide historical prices going back to 2000 within our End Of Day Prices:

Please note: unfortunately, we are unable to sell this data in any other format than how it is already presented on our website.

Below are a few websites of possible data vendors.


Real-Time Service Internet Service History, End of Day Data, Charts

Prophet Historical Data

Internet-Based Charts Data available in formats supported by major software applications

Browser-Based Charting, End of Day Data


Real-Time Service Compatible with popular software vendors

P.C. Quote, Inc.

Real-Time Service Works with popular trading software packages

Also, some of the exchanges make data available for free. Such as the CME:

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How and when do soybeans react to South America's harvest?

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