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Data Vendors

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Day Trade Futures Online
by Larry Williams
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  • Number of pages: 224

The following is taken from Larry Williams book Day Trade Futures Online.
We found it to be an excellent source for getting started when looking for a data vendor.

Data Vendor Information
Company Phone Number Description
Bloomberg Inc. 212-318-2000 Real-Time/Delayed Service Data Feed, Terminal, Internet Service
CQG, Inc. 800-525-7082 Real-Time/Delayed Service, Volume Analysis Data Feed, Terminal History, charts, Analytical Data
CSI 800-274-4727 End of Day Data Format works with most software packages.
Commodity Info. Services Co. (CISCO) 800-800-7227 CME Volume Analysis
Data Broadcasting Corp. (eSignal) 800-367-4670 Real-Time/Delayed Service, Internet Service Terminal Handheld History
Data Transmissions Network (DTN) 800-485-4000 Real-Time/Delayed Service
Genesis Financial Data Services 800-808-3282 Real-Time Service, Internet Service, History, End of Day Data Trading Software
Interquote (Paragon Software) 414-697-7770 Real-Time/Delayed Service
Jones Financial Network 775-831-2200 Real-Time Service
Logical Systems, Inc. 312-939-3022 Delayed Service, Internet Service, Internet-Based Java Applications
P.C. Quote, Inc. 800-225-5657 Real-Time Service
Price 800-221-4352 Browser-Based Charting, End of Day Data
800-621-5271 Real-Time Service, Internet Service History, End of Day Data, Charts
Reuters, Ltd 312-435-8500 Real-Time Service Handheld Service, Own software available. Works with other software as well.
Telemet America, Inc. 800-368-2078 Real-Time/Delayed Service, Data Feed, Terminal, Pager/Handheld History, Snapshot Data, Charts, Analytical Data
Townsend Analytics 312-621-0141 Real-Time Service, Provide their own software. Primarily stocks.
Track Data Corporation 212-943-4555 Real-Time Service, End of Day Data
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