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Spread Education

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What recommendations would you offer for studying commodity spreads and seasonal behavior?

(1) Visit our spread tutorial on what is available via MRCI ONLINE for spread traders? http://www.mrci.com/help/tutorials/spreadresearch/

(2) Subscribe to MRCI ONLINE!

(3) For additional detailed analysis also subscribe to Jerry's Weekly Spread Commentary!

Each week, MRCI Editor Jerry Toepke chooses two upcoming seasonal spread strategies from among
those presented on MRCI Online and comments in more detail. The brief discussion typically focuses
on how their seasonal patterns may have evolved and on the fundamental and/or technical context in which
these spreads may find themselves this year. Please view a sample commentary here:

We also recommend the following webinars, articles and blogs..

1) Trade Grain Futures Spreads at the CME: http://www.danielstrading.com/webinar/trade-grain-futures-spreads-at-the-cme/

2) Seasonal Futures Spread Trading at the ICE: http://www.danielstrading.com/webinar/seasonal-futures-spread-trading-at-the-ice/

3) The Wonderful World of Futures Spread Trading: http://www.danielstrading.com/strategies/2011/02/17/the-wonderful-world-of-futures-spread-trading/

4) How Futures Spreads Are Priced: http://www.danielstrading.com/strategies/2013/08/12/how-are-futures-spreads-priced/

5) Basics of Futures Spread Trading: http://www.danielstrading.com/strategies/2011/03/05/basics-of-futures-spread-trading/

6) Seasonal Futures Spread Trading: http://www.danielstrading.com/strategies/2011/01/28/seasonal-futures-spread-trading/

7) Why Futures Spreads Have Reduced Margins: http://www.danielstrading.com/turners-take/2013/09/25/why-futures-spread-have-reduced-margins/


More Advanced Spread Trading Concept Education is also available at the following....

1) The Concept of Futures Spread Pricing: http://www.danielstrading.com/turners-take/2013/08/15/the-concept-of-futures-spread-pricing/

2) Commodity Futures Trading: All Trades are Spread Trades: http://www.danielstrading.com/strategies/2011/02/18/commodity-futures-trading-all-trades-are-spread-trades/

3) Hedging Systemic Risk: http://www.danielstrading.com/strategies/2011/02/16/hedging-systematic-risk/

4) Reducing Portfolio Exposure to the US Dollar: http://www.danielstrading.com/strategies/2010/12/08/reducing-portfolio-exposure-to-the-us-dollar/

5) Trading Lock Limit Markets With Futures Spreads: http://www.danielstrading.com/turners-take/2014/02/24/trading-lock-limit-markets-with-futures-spreads
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