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May 2013 Editor Comments

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CRBside Commentary

The CRB correction continues ... weak, but ...

After the big decline from the all-time high of 688 in 2001 down to 504 in early 2012 and then the rally back up to 598, the Index has retreated again but in an orderly manner.  The decline from 598 has not been pell-mell, there has been no panic.  (Of course, the CRB is an index and not a traded entity, but it does represent an asset class vulnerable to such emotional movement.)
Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 April 2013 10:54

April 2013 Editor Comments

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CRBside Commentary

Whoops - here we go again.

After twice appearing to begin a recovery from a retracement, the CRB Index appears instead to have failed again.  After posting a big retracement low last June at 504, the CRB rose to 598.  After retreating from logical resistance, it tried to bottom first in November at a low of 557.  A modest rally then failed at 575, and the market slipped again into January to as low as 551 almost exactly halfway back down.  Again, however, it found support and immediately reversed back up to close January at 569.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 April 2013 10:55

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